Designing & Planning the cell sites for obtaining coverage and capacity requirement as per specified QoS and traffic demand. As we know that in cellular network the coverage and quality of network are almost inversely proportional as when coverage increases it degrades the quality so the main objective of RF team is to achieve the maximum capacity for a network while providing acceptable quality of service to the users. The RF team also ensure adequate network capacity as well as flexibility to be provided to the network to support the increases traffic requirements. The RF part of any network deals with all the parameters related to radio waves which include frequency planning, antennas location, tilt of antenna, height, location and continuous optimization of the network.


N/W Optimization

The cellular networks requires a continuous monitoring and optimization to make sure that good quality of service is achieved throughout the geographical coverage area without any data holes. This process is done by Operation and Maintenance unit of the network.

Drive Test

It is a method of measuring and assessing the coverage, capacity and Quality of Service (QoS) of a mobile radio network. The technique consists of using a car containing mobile equipment which is used to detect and record a wide variety of the radio parameters of network in a given geographical area.


Network planning is a complicated process consisting of several phases. The final target for the network planning process is to define the network design, which is then built as a cellular network. The network design can be an extension of the existing network or a new network to be launched.  The  difficulty  in  network  planning  is  to  combine  all  of  the requirements in an optimal way and to design a cost-effective network.


The network planning for new sites includes analysis of drive test results , data from OMC , frequency planning , post-optimization of site , site location , antenna tilt , antenna height , power budget calculation , transmission planning , the neighboring cells definition , coverage area and many other aspects are also considered while planning a new site.


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